Winters Over and Spring Begins!

As the winter winds down, we all look forward to the first signs that spring is back again for another season of wonderful color, blooms and warmer weather. However, as I write this we are getting another cold, rainy Nor-Easter, there always seems to be a nice last storm then the weather turns and spring is upon us. If you are a gardener you are eagerly anticipating getting your hands into the soil, clipping and pruning, dividing and moving plants, and the oh the clean-up. If you are not a gardener you might just like having your morning coffee under your blooming cherry tree or waiting for your Forsythia to bloom to let you know that Mother Nature remembers and has started her show.

Historically, we start spring turn on’s in March after St Patrick’s Day. This may seem early to some but for gardeners, newer landscapes and planting it is extremely important to manage an even amount of water to insure a secure future for your landscape. We need to support our investment in our trees, shrubs, lawn and flowers by making sure that we have the ability to water when needed.

In an effort to get all of our loyal and patient customers onto the schedule we send out letters alerting you to your appointment or to ask you to call the office to set an appointment up. This year we have some changes our office. Sadly; Linda, our office manager, has left the staff. However, we have another Linda back with us after many years of a hiatus. Also, we welcome our new staff member Arron who has joined the office team. Aaron grew up here on Long Island, and now has returned with his wife and two dogs. We welcome him into the Dimension 2 family.

Water Conservation

Previous irrigation audits performed by the Nassau County Cornell Cooperative Extension staff indicate that 70{3330a9f00a55d7b055e857b958050c4d6b60104636d7ba66e4a4a3165886031f} of the systems they checked were wasting more than 50{3330a9f00a55d7b055e857b958050c4d6b60104636d7ba66e4a4a3165886031f} of the water used to irrigate lawn and shrubs. Implementing the recommendations of these audits — like installing a Rain Sensor or fixing leaks and adjusting heads, have borne impressive results. Homeowners use an average of about 30 percent less water; meaning savings to them and less stress on Long Island’s precious ground-water supplies.

Several water districts have elected to require Smart Controllers that measure the rainfall and monitor the weather to reset the irrigation schedule throughout the year. Water suppliers such as Port Washington Water District and Sands Point Water have taken the lead in requiring new systems to be installed with Smart Controllers.

Smart Controllers are also able to be programed using a Computer or Smart Phone. This allows the owner and / or the contractor to operate and adjust the controller from anywhere. Please call our office to find out if a smart controller is right for your system.

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