Prevent backflow from affecting potable water

Dimension 2 Associates’ master plumbers are Certified Backflow Inspectors in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Suffolk has passed a law in 2012 that requires backflow inspectors to be licensed master plumbers. Dimension 2 Associates meets all the requirements to provide these services.

What is backflow?

Normally your household water is provided to you by your water company via a pressurized water main running down your street. That pressure can be reduced due to a water main break, a fire truck pumping water to put out a fire, or any other service interruption. When that happens, a negative pressure in the water main will occur. That negative pressure, or back siphonage, will draw the water from your home or building, back into the drinking water supply.

Because lawn sprinklers are installed below grade, it is very easy for the sprinkler water to mix with fertilizers, animal wastes, and other contaminants. A backflow prevention device will prevent that contaminated water from flowing back into your drinking water. There are different types of backflow preventers. New York State and local plumbing codes dictate which device is necessary for each condition.

New York State Health Department regulations also mandate that certain types of devices be inspected annually. This requirement is typically enforced by your water company. Should a device be found to be defective, it must be repaired immediately. Because the water to the facility needs to be shut-down, this work may require a master plumber to do the repairs.

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