Summer is upon us and as of the writing of this blog, hot and dry seems to be a lead in for every day’s weather. This year unlike many of the ones in recent memory seems to be much breezier, hotter, and not much in the way of rain.

Typically, if we start up your sprinkler system in the early part of the spring, we leave the clock in the off position and ask that when the spring rains pass you turn your clock to run. This spring was especially wet and cool, so when your turn-on was done the ground was ultra-saturated.

Now you are probably noticing who on the block has a sprinkler system and who does not, you are also noticing patches that perhaps are not being covered that haven’t ever appeared before. As your landscape grows it may block heads and create voids that are dry. Hot and dry weather hasn’t hit our area for quite a few years so this may appear as a new challenge for your system but in reality things change, plants, trees and shrubs grow and can limit water to another area.

A mid-season check could be just what your lawn and landscape needs. We check overall coverage and make sure that your landscape has adequate water.



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Allow us to help you enjoy your yard to the fullest extent.  We have many industry contacts and can refer companies for many of the projects on your wish list.  Anything from a complete backyard landscape renovation with a shiny new outdoor kitchen to pools, lighting, gas lines for barbecues and pool heaters or a stand-by generator.

Wishing you a happy and healthy summer!

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