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Thoughts from Tom -


SPRING 2017                          





Seems like last week spring was not in the cards for Long Island. This week showers and chilly temperatures have run the week, however, as always spring start-ups have finally started. One never knows what the spring will bring, a late snowstorm, and 80 degrees by mid-April. One of my fondest memories is my father and father in law playing on my childhood front lawn with my niece who is now over 30, maybe she was 5 years old bossing around two very grown men in how she wanted to play tag, it was 80 degrees, Easter Sunday and no one other than my wife, sister and mother were in the house cooking dinner for a crowd, the house must have been close to 90, all the storms were still on the windows buttoned up tight from the winter. The next year it snowed and destroyed a tree we loved that same week. The up and downs of spring........... Again, only Mother Nature knows.


So when do you start watering?

    · Planting seed/ adding fertilizer/crabgrass preventer – Only water manually to soak in the treatments

    · Planting new shrubs and trees – light watering based on weather and temperature

    · Planting annuals (generally after May 15th which is the last day we are out of the woods for a frost)

her than those events, start watering when the lawn starts to grow. The spring generally brirn the system on.

NOTE: When we turn your sprinkler on in the spring we leave it in manual mode so you can make a determination based on your property and garden what time is right for you.

Over the winter many changes took place at Dimension II, in an effort to become a greener company and do away with piles of paper, we installed a new customer contact platform allowing all of our systems to integrate. As well, our technicians in the field now have tablets and will email invoices to you, or if you prefer we can mail them to you. We also have a wonderful promotion for one of our long time staff: Wilmer, who has been the company for 10 years, has been promoted to service technician, congratulations Wilmer.


We look forward to a wonderful spring and summer and we hope you like our improvements. If we can be of assistance during watering season, do not hesitate to call us.


After the spring rains come, if you have not already looked into it, this could be a great time to install a rain sensor. Rain Sensors have a rain gauge and will turn your system off when the rain gauge hits a point that is predetermined. Go through Hauppauge or Melville early in the morning on a rainy day and it will amaze you how many sprinklers are pumping out un-needed water on vast corporation lawns. This is a great way to save money on watering and a great way to help the environment as well.


Lastly, I would like to chat about hiring contractors. Many families love to start home projects in the spring, hiring the right company for the job will save you money, headaches and aggravation. Make sure they are licensed (ask to see their license), insured (ask for a copy of their liability and workers compensation insurance) check with the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s list, Consumer affairs. Ask your friends for referrals. We have heard horror stories over 35 in business, no contactor should ask you for 50% down, it means they have no credit with their suppliers. 10% down to hold a date should be more than enough to solidify your contract. Do not do business on a handshake, make sure you know what you are getting, what your responsibility will be and when the job will be installed and completed. Manage your expectations and that of your contactor. Lastly, if you cannot get a response from a contractor before they do your job or they are late for an appointment, it will not get any better after they start working for you.


Enjoy the Spring showers hopefully they bring beautiful and abundant May flowers, stop and smell the roses, and enjoy firing up your barbeques.


Tom Tracey